Custom design

LED USA offers custom design and integration solutions for OptoEngineering® Gen3 LED light engines. 

Custom Brackets & Mounting Hardware

We can custom design fixture mounting brackets to meet customer needs.  OptoEngineering® GEN3 light engines are easily integrated into 12-24VDC mobile applications including equipment, vehicles, temporary-remote and solar applications.

Custom Wiring Solutions

We offer custom design wiring solutions for all LED USA-OptoEngineering® systems including; TMLT series, SOL series and TM series fixtures.  Wiring solutions are configured with plug & play IP67 plug connections. 

Custom Fixture Design

Integrating OptoEngineering® Gen3 fixture platforms we offer custom & OEM light engine modifications including; Lens, Connectors, Harness, Circuit Board, LED’s, Optics, Mounting and Powering.


Project Design

We can provide custom design & manufacturing on select projects incorporating OptoEngineering® Gen3 LED light engines.